Top 10 Kpop Songs of All Time

This list is going to be controversial. Music is subjective and we all have our preferences. But, I am going to make this list simply based on songs that have stood the test of time. Many Kpop songs make a splash when they are released, but fade quickly. It’s the nature of most commercially produced pop music, anywhere around the world.

But these songs are straight up quality. These are also in no particular order.


“Likey” by Twice

To be honest, this track is what initally got my attention with Kpop. The melody and hooks are incredibly catchy. And I give full credit to the sound production and mixing. I love a track that sounds good whether on a small bluetooth speaker or cranked up with your car audio. Let me tell you, this track absolutely bumps in the car!

“Dynamite” by BTS

“Letting Go” Rebooted Version by Day6

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