Review & Lyrics: Siren by LEEBADA

lee ba da
Siren by Lee Bada
Great vocals
Lot of low end
Some might find the vocals too squeaky

The first thing I notice about this track is this very cool bass line. That’s a great bass player and it adds depth to this song.

Siren has some very nice jazzy hip hop stylings. Love it.

This is also a really strong vocal performance. Ba Da is definitely working her raspy voice. Definitely in the chorus, she’s almost squeaking, haha, but it works.

Siren has just great bass, lot of low end which really works with her voice. The bridge is very interesting also, kind of a alternative electronic vibe like Portishead.

The song finishes a little abruptly, but I think this is smart. The song hits you and then is gone. It doesn’t wear you down, like many songs can when it’s one minute too long.

Hopefully there will be an official video for the track and not just a Topic release.

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