Is Apink Still Together?

K-pop girl group Apink has been a staple in the music industry for over a decade, and fans of the group can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are still together.

Despite significant changes in their lineup, with four of the five current members parting ways with their long-time agency IST Entertainment, the group is not disbanding. This news has been confirmed by multiple sources, including the agency itself, which reassured fans that Apink will continue their activities as a group (Soompi). Jung Eun-ji, one of the vocal powerhouses of the group, has renewed her contract and remains with IST Entertainment, indicating her ongoing commitment to the group’s future endeavors (Reddit).

The group’s journey has seen various lineup changes since their debut, including the departure of former members Hong Yookyung in 2013 and Son Na-eun in 2022. Despite these changes, Apink has continued as a quintet and has maintained their presence in the K-pop scene.

The remaining members have provided reassurance to their fans through handwritten letters, emphasizing their intention to stay together and continue creating music. This level of engagement and the clear communication from both the members and their agency speaks to the strong bond Apink shares with their fans and their determination to keep the group alive (The Straits Times).

Check out their latest single, Pink Christmas

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Kim Jaehwan
Kim Jaehwan