Is Ikon Still Active?

iKON has certainly been a notable name in the K-pop industry since their debut. As of the latest updates, the group remains active in the music scene. The group initially debuted with seven members under YG Entertainment, but member B.I departed from the group in June 2019, leaving them as a six-member ensemble (Wikipedia). Despite this lineup change, iKON continued to pursue their music career and maintain their presence in the industry.

In a significant move, iKON made headlines when they announced their departure from YG Entertainment, the agency that had been their home since their debut. This decision was part of a broader trend of artists leaving the agency, with iKON’s departure coming after similar announcements from BIGBANG members Taeyang and Daesung (Newsweek). Despite leaving YG Entertainment, the members have expressed their intentions to continue their activities, which suggests that fans can look forward to future projects from the group.

After their departure from YG Entertainment, iKON’s members have been exploring their individual artistic paths while also remaining committed to the group. Members Bobby and DK have shared insights into their experiences with their new agency and their plans for the future, indicating that iKON has not disbanded and is still active (K-Pop Life). This suggests that iKON is adapting to the changes and is poised to continue their journey in the K-pop industry, with the possibility of new music and ventures on the horizon.

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