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Years Active
2015 - Present
Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel, Jinsol

April is an all-female group formed by DSP Media. They officially debuted on August 24, 2015, with the release of their mini-album Dreaming, which includes the title track “Dream Candy”.

The group is currently composed of six members – Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel, and Jinsol – and have two former members in Seomin and Hyunjoo.

2015: Official debut and Somin’s departure

DSP Media first announced the formation of April on February 9, 2015, following the label’s other girl groups Fin.K.L, Kara, and Rainbow.

The group, originally composed of trainees Somin, Chaewon, Hyunjoo. Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol, made their official debut on August 24, 2015, with the release of their first extended play (EP), Dreaming, and the lead single “Dream Candy”.

On November 9, the group’s leader, Somin, announced her departure from the group due to her disagreement in the concept they were doing. Without Somin, the rest of the five members of April released the single album Boing Boing, featuring the title track “Muah!” and the B-side track “Glass Castle” on November 25.

It was followed by their second single album, Snowman, on December 21, featuring the title track of the same name.

2016: First solo concert, line-up changes

DSP Media announced April’s fan club name, “Fineapple,” on February 12, 2016. Two days later, the group held a mini-concert, titled “Everland Romantic Concert”. On February 18, April won the Girl Group Rookie of the Year award at the 22nd Korean Entertainment Arts Awards.

They then held their first Japanese fan meeting, titled “April JAPAN FANMEETING 2015 ~ The First Fairy Tale ~” on March 6 in front of 2,000 fans. The event was presented by Heo Young-ji and has the similar concept as that of their fan meeting previously held in Seoul on February 27 with 500 fans.

On April 27, April released their second EP, Spring, containing a total of six tracks including the lead single, “Tinkerbell”. During their promotions for the album, member Hyunjoo took a temporary hiatus from the group due to health concerns and April continued their activities as a four-member group.

On July 2, the group appeared as a guest at Heo Young-ji’s Japanese fan meeting, “[YOUNGJI FANMEETING 2016 ~ Nice to see U ~]”.

April held their first solo concert, Dream Land, on August 21 at the Baek Am Art Hall in Seoul in celebration of the group’s first anniversary. This was followed by another concert in Tokyo, Japan on October 15. And in both concerts, Yoon Chae-kyung participated as a guest member.

On October 29, Hyunjoo announced her official departure from the group following a seven-month hiatus. She also announced that she will instead be pursuing an acting career.

The four remaining members (Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol) continued with their promotions, along with the addition of new members in November – Chaekyung, who previously joined the group in some activities as a guest member, and Rachel.

2017: More releases

On January 3, 2017, April released their third EP, Prelude, as a six-member group. The album features the title track “April Story” along with eight other tracks. They held their comeback showcase for Prelude on the same day.

On February 14, April performed a cover of Apink’s “Luv” for the 100th episode of The Show, followed by a performance of the track “Wow” on M! Countdown two days later.

April held their second Japanese fan meeting on March 20, titled “[#April JAPAN FANMEETING 2017 ~April Story~]” at the Shinagawa Intercity Hall in Tokyo.

On April 4, they released the music video for the single “Sting” through the first episode of their reality program A-IF-Ril, which aired for a total of five episodes. 

On May 8, April starred in their second reality program for the year, April Secret, which was broadcast on Naver TV.

The group released their second single album, Mayday, on May 29. For the album, they re-released their song “Sting” under the title “Lovesick,” alongside the title track “Mayday”. On June 22, April performed “Lovesick” on M! Countdown.

Their fourth EP, Eternity, was released on September 20, featuring the lead single “Take My Hand”.

On October 18, the group announced their second Japanese solo concert, “APRIL 2nd LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN 2017 「DREAM LAND」 (Take My Hand),” scheduled on December 10, 2017.

2018 to present: Official Japanese debut

DSP Media announced on January 30, 2018, that April will be releasing a secret single set on February 7. The following day, the agency revealed that the single was for a special unit album. On February 1, it was announced that April members Jinsol and Naeun will be debuting as a sub-unit with the release of the song “My Story”.

On February 26, DSP Media confirmed that April will be making their Korean comeback on March 12, with the release of their 5th mini-album, The Blue, featuring the title track “The Blue Bird”.

Following the conclusion of their promotions for The Blue, April was announced to be preparing for their Japanese debut. On April 25, they officially debuted in Japan with the release of the Japanese version of their 2016 single “Tinkerbell”.

The single album also features the Japanese version of “Yes, sir!” and the instrumental arrangements for both songs. April promoted their debut single in Japan through a series of fan meetings in various cities.

On September 17, news outlet OSEN released reports on April’s fall comeback, which was later confirmed by the group’s youngest member, Jinsol, through an interview. On October 16, the group released their 6th mini-album, The Ruby, featuring the lead single “Oh! My Mistake”.

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