N.Flying Member Profile & Biography

FNC, Virgin
Years Active
2014 - Present
Lee Seung-hyub, Cha Hun Kim, Jae-hyun Yoo, Hwe-seung, Seo Dong-sung

N.Flying is a four-member “rap rock” band signed under FNC Entertainment. The band first entered the industry with the release of their first digital indie single, Basket, in Japan on October 1, 2013. But it was not until roughly two years later that they made their official debut in Korea on May 20, 2015 with a single album featuring the song “Awesome”. In February 2016, they finally debuted in Japan “Knock Knock”.

The group was initially formed with four members – Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun, and Kwangjin. However, Kwangjin was replaced by Hweseung in 2017.


Prior to joining N.Flying, bassist Kwangjin first debuted as member of the band CNBLUE, also from FNC Entertainment, in 2009. But due to personal reasons, he was reported to have left the group in late September. After some time, he returned to the agency in January 2011 to train with the other would-be members of N.Flying at the time.

In 2013, member Seunghyub appeared in Juniel’s music video for the song “Pretty Boy”.

2013: Debut in Japan’s indie rock band scene

The band first entered the music scene as an indie band in Japan through their very first performance at Shibuya CYCLONE on September 28. Shortly after, they released their first indie single album, Basket, on October 1. On the day of the album’s release, N.Flying performed as the opening act for labelmate F.T. Island’s ‘Replay’ Zepp Tour.

Basket peaked at the number two spot on Tower Records’ weekly singles chart and Oricon Indies weekly singles chart, while it ranked number four on Oricon’s daily singles chart.

The band continued doing gigs at live clubs and also performed as the opening act for CNBLUE’s ‘One More Time’ Arena Tour.

On November 14, N.Flying had their first solo live performance at Live Space Halot.

2014: Delayed Korean debut

On January 1, 2014, the band released their second Japanese indie single album called One and Only. The album hit the number one spot on Tower Records’ chart on the second day of its release.

They also made their first television appearance on the 7th episode of FNC Entertainment’s reality drama, Cheongdam-dong 111, which was aired on tvN.  In the last episode of the show, it was announced that Seunghyub was appointed as the leader of N.Flying.

In March 2014, the band appeared on a sequel of Cheongdam-dong 111 where they revealed their debut story. Around the same time, they joined F.T. Island as the band’s opening act at their Singapore concert.

N.Flying was originally set to make their Korean debut in 2014. However, it was postponed by the agency after Seunghyub sustained a knee injury in July.

2015: Official debut in Korea

FNC Entertainment first revealed the band’s upcoming Korean debut through a teaser released on May 11. At the same time, it was announced that the group will be releasing their first mini album, 기가막혀 (Awesome), along with the music video for the title track on May 20.

On May 12, their label announced that N.Flying will also be releasing a Chinese version of their upcoming album alongside the release of the Korean version. A Japanese version of the album, meanwhile, was scheduled for release in August of the same year.

On May 20, the music video for “Awesome” was released, featuring Seolhyun of AOA, another one of N.Flying’s labelmates.

Five months after the band’s local debut, FNC Entertainment released a mysterious teaser, “Lonely 2015.10.22” on October 12. The following day, it was confirmed that N.Flying would be releasing the single album, Lonely, on October 22.

In April 2016, N.Flying was part of the lineup for KCON Japan where they performed their debut song, “Awesome”.

2017 to present: Kwangjin’s departure, the addition of a new member, and first music show win

FNC Entertainment announced in February 2017 that the band would undergo changes in the lineup before their comeback.

On June 19, 2017, it was announced that Yoo Hweseung, a former contestant on Produce 101 Season 2, would be joining the group as a vocalist.

A month after the news on the new N.Flying member, FNC Entertainment started releasing teaser’s for the band’s August comeback.

On August 2, N.Flying’s second mini album, THE REAL: N.Flying was released, featuring the title track “The Real”.

Six months later, the band released their third extended play (EP), The Hottest, which includes the title track “Hot Potato”.

The band released their fourth EP, How Are You? on May 16, 2018 which features a total of five tracks including the lead single, “How Are You Today”.

On December 19 of the same year, it was announced that member Kwangjin will be taking a break from the group due to allegations of inappropriate behavior online, while the rest of the members continue with their activities and the planned Fly High Project. A week later, Kwangjin officially left the group.

2019: Rising popularity, first music show win

On January 2, 2019, N.Flying released the song “Rooftop” as part of their Fly High Project #2. The song turned out to be a sleeper hit when months after it was first released, the song made a comeback in the charts to hit the number one spot on Bugs. This makes “Rooftop” the band’s first No. 1 song since they debuted in Korea in 2015. The song also reached no. 4 on Genie and no. 17 on Melon.

On March 5, N.Flying bagged their first ever music show win on SBS’s The Show where they also held an encore stage due to the resurgence of their song on digital charts.

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